High Level View of How We Beat the Market


Sophisticated Algorithms

Ledger Capital has built in depth algorithms that constantly track movements and analyze social media to predict crashes and pumps before they happen. The majority of digital asset funds employ a buy and hold strategy, missing out on these opportunities.


Informational Advantage

There is large information asymmetry in crypto markets, which allows Ledger Capital to leverage our strong networks and information stream to capitalize on opportunities that would be missed by the casual investor.

Fundamental Valuation 

Ledger Capital places a premium on truly understanding the projects we hold in our portfolio. Our newly developed & proprietary ways of valuing cryptocurrencies combined with rigorous research, give us a leg up on peers when choosing projects. 


Behavioral Economics

Unlike the stock markets, the crypto markets are emotional and driven by individuals. With our background in economics and finance we exploit investor mindsets to take advantage of trends. 


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