Ledger Capital

A premier digital asset research & advisory firm

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Bespoke Research

We work mainly with family offices, hedge funds, and traditional institutions to help them understand how to position themselves in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

We have developed proprietary trading algorithms as well as in depth quantitative and qualitative models, to help companies understand both long term and short term opportunities.

We can deliver comprehensive reports on any asset of interest, along with proprietary models to guide decision making.


Advisory Services

We've helped ICO's get off the ground, corporations understand blockchain applications, and start-ups pivot to integrate cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into their business models.

We have worked with many companies to help them identify areas of strategic importance when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We are available for token design, whitepaper and pitch deck creation, capital markets advisory, graphic design and market penetration.


We are engineers, researchers and investors.

On the markets side, we have built fundamental qualitative & quantitative models along with sophisticated algorithms that allow us to truly understand the value that cryptocurrencies bring to the table, and exploit inefficiencies while trading.

On the consulting side, we are able to combine technical knowledge with strong business backgrounds to bring innovative solutions to the table.


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